Touch typing is the art of typing on a keyboard without giving any conscious thought to what your fingers are doing. The words you are typing appear on the screen as if by magic as your fingers seem to work on their own.


Take a look around this website to find out how learning to type properly can improve your speed, accuracy and productivity, while giving you more time to do other more interesting things.














Touch Typist Typing Tutor is designed to be straight forward and simple to use. Touch Typist has been teaching people to type for over 25 years! Touch Typist is the longest running Typing Tutor and has been on continuous sale since 1985. Touch Typist has gone through many updates in that time to ensure we are always providing you with the best environment to learn to type or to increase your existing typing speed, we listen to feedback from users of touch typist and take on board the feedback when we are updating the software.



Learn to type with touch typist typing tutor


Site Licence for Schools and Business

Site Licence for Schools and Business

Site Licence for Schools and Business

Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

Site Licence:


Contact us if you require educational establishment or site licence information for our typing tutor. We will be pleased to help. Alternatively you may download the Excel document below to work out licence costs.


Click to download details of our site licence

If you would like to speak to us about the site licence or to purchase a site licence:

Telephone:01772 454328 Or send us an email:     

Learning to type can save time and money



Ask to receive our Free Savings Calculator to see how much you could save by teaching keyboard skills in your company. You could be shocked at the answer but the calculations are correct!



We accept official orders.






Order CD - Online

Order CD - Online

Order CD - Online

Order CD - Telephone

Order CD - Telephone

Order CD - Telephone


This download can be unlocked online instantly so that you have the full version of the software without waiting for a CD to arrive in the post.


This is a special offer, the software download costs only $18 (US Dollars) which is around £11 Sterling according to


Click the download button below and choose the option 'Run'.


This will download the software and start the installer.


Once you have Installed Touch Typist you will be asked for payment details and the software will be automatically unlocked so you can start learning to type straight away!

Order Touch Typist On CD

£20 (Free UK P&P)


Buy Touch Typist as a CD version and you will receive the software through the post.


This is the same version of software as the download option but is sent to you on CD. The price includes free UK postage and packaging.


We ship worldwide so don't worry if you don't live in the UK you can still buy a CD version of Touch Typist, We offer three postage options that cover all countries of the world.


We can take orders for touch typist over the phone

If you'd prefer to order over the phone. Telephone us on the number below.

you can call us on:


01772 454328


Or From Outside the UK

+44 1772 454328 




We take telephone orders and official orders

We have produced a short video showing the software running in demo mode, to demonstrate the software. We hope this gives you a good idea of what the software does and the feedback you get after each lesson.


The feedback is determined by carefully thought out algorithms to push you to get the most out of Touch Typist and to improve your typing accuracy and speed.

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